Sunday, February 3, 2019

Welcome to Dravidian Art

Welcome to Dravidian Art

I'm Anudeepa kadiresan managing director of Dravidian Art. I come from Tamil Nadu (southern part of India) Dravidian means ethnic group of indigenous people who speaks Tamil language.

About Myself
I'm a self-thought artist. I have passion in art from my childhood. God's blessing and family support made me to travel smooth in this mesmerising art world. I have tried variety of art mediums and still in the learning process to explore more in these art wonderful art forms.My day won't complete without sketching or doodling something on my sketch book.

 “Immerse,mesmerise, adore and be courageous to perceive your passion in art”

                                                                                             Anudeepa kadiresan

For on going class details contact 0421221727 
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Classes at Dravidian Art
        Tanjore painting, Water color, oil painting, Aluminium carving, Clay jewellery, Reverse painting on glass, Mixed media and Basic pencil sketching.  

one on one online classes are also held at Dravidian art

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