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Traditional Tanjore Paintings In Melbourne

In Dravidian Art you can find generations of south Indian tradition and heritage in art form. Our main aim is to showcase the bonding tradition engraved within us for generations .

In Dravidian Art
you can find great range of resplendent classical Tanjore painting collections to rebound your memories and to enrich  your home with authentic look.

Tanjavur Oviyam (Tanjore Painting) is an iconic art of  south India.  Originated from a town named  Tanjavur in TamilNadu.  In early days Tanjore paintings started as murals on temple walls using natural dyes and bristles.  Later people thought to give some uplift with some fixed iconic pattern for the deity with big decorative golden arch fixed with precious stones and gold.  Then to make the art accessible to everyone artists started to use wooden planks following the same procedure in small scale.

  • In Dravidian Art we use good quality kundan stones and 22 carat pure gold foil for all Tanjore art work.
  • We do free home deliver in Melbourne.
  • Buy two or more paintings of same price and get 10 percent discount.
  • Pay on Delivery.

Classes are taken on all medium for kids and ladies on weekend

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