Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For my pooja room

Seven years before I did this beautiful tanjore on compressed hard board for our pooja room, that time I don’t have a proper camera as you can see on the post.
Tried to place all the Gods in one big board and the result was good.
Have to do one for my home as my mother did not allowed me to take it with me from her house after my marriage.


padmaja said...

Dear Anu, this is a nice idea to put all the gods together on a single board, seems like a good work. I can understand why your mom was reluctant to part with it.. look forward to seeing your new work for your home soon..:-)

Thanks for liking my Loner at Lajolla!

Unknown said...

Very Unique , Very Indian .This painting looks divine

Anudeepa Kadiresan said...

Thanks for the nice comment
padmaja and

தெய்வசுகந்தி said...

Super Anu!!!!!!!!!!!

sandy said...

This is so beautiful.

sandy said...

Is Pooja room, a meditation room, or a room for religious activities or... Not sure, but curious.