Monday, April 26, 2010

PORTRAIT -Almost Finished..

15" x 18"
Rithvik and Mr Kumar,

My son and my father ,

It will take couple of days to finish this portrait. I have to correct my son’s face and have to work with some highlights and shadows.

Hoping , I will end up with  a perfect portrait .


Arti said...

Nice going...would love to see the finished version!
Anu, I would like to add you as an author on my "Artist of India' blog, which is to promote Indian Art globally.If interested, pls send me your Gmail Id and Then you can post your paintings directly on that blog.You may post your old work ,too, so that you don't feel like duplicating your blog.
Pls let me know what do you think,

Unknown said...

Lovely portrait , the expressions and personality have come out quite well.